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Trouvaille provides an alternative work environment for those looking to escape the distractions and isolation that come with working from home or other remote places and is a community designed to foster creativity and connection



Trouvaille is an intimate and quaint Coworking Lounge environment offering all the amenities you need to be successful.



Trouvaille has some pretty incredible members - members that are eager to share their knowledge with one another, network, collaborate and brainstorm. We have created a unique opportunity for members to get inspired and to gain knowledge that will benefit them both professionally and personally.



We offer full and part time memberships as well as personal dedicated desks


As a freelance designer, working from home can be tough some days. (Other people in the house, chores, getting motivated, etc). I wanted to find a co-working space that I could feel inspired in, get my work down in a quiet place, drink coffee, feel the comforts of home and be surrounded by other creatives. Trouvaille is just that! The price and location are perfect. The furniture and desks make it feel just like home. I’d recommend this co-working space to woman of all ages and creative backgrounds.

— Allison Wetig



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